The Sober Heart

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Your choices will decide Clem’s fate. Who will YOU become? #MyClementine

Don’t miss this special trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two Finale, 'NO GOING BACK,' arriving for download starting next week! 

  • 8/26 - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 & PS Vita North America 
  • 8/27 - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Europe 
  • 8/28 - iPhone & iPad via the App Store 

Although this video contains MAJOR spoilers for previous episodes in The Walking Dead Season One and Two, there are NO spoilers for the finale… but do watch for an all-new scene created exclusively for the trailer! 

This fucking trailer just gave me a shitload of feels that I cannot handle!!!! TUESDAY, COME FASTERRRRRR I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE BUT WILL BE SO SAD WHEN IT ENDS!! :((((

K-Pop Fanwars

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Sansa lets me know when I been on tumblr too long

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I may act like I don’t care anymore.

I may act like I forgave and forgot.

But it’s still inside my head, and even if I tried explaining, it won’t come out right so that’s why I just give up saying anything.

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I fell asleep pretty late, but I’m up so early. Wtf.